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Best Brush for Golden Retriever [Buyer’s Guide + Top 5 Options]

Golden Retrievers are cuddly dogs. Their large size, friendly disposition, and soft coats make a perfect snuggle buddy, especially during the cold weather. However, since they have double coats, they need frequent brushing to manage shedding and to prevent various coat problems. However, you can’t use just about any brush, you need the best brush for Golden Retriever for the best results.

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So for every Goldie owner out there, or those planning to own one, make sure that you read this guide thoroughly.

The Golden Retrievers’ coat

Before you even think of buying a dog brush for your Goldie, you should understand their coat’s nature first.

Golden Retrievers have double coats. This means that their coats are composed of two layers: a short and dense undercoat and a long top coat called guard hairs.

This type of coat works as Golden Retrievers’ natural way of heating and cooling their bodies. During cold months, Goldies will grow their guard hairs for added warmth. But as the summer months approach, they will shed the top coat to cool their bodies down.

As much as there’s a cycle on their shedding, Goldies tend to shed all year round, with some months being heavier than others.

Aside from Golden Retrievers, breeds like Huskies, Sheepdogs, Mountain Dogs, and some Terriers have double coats.

Nevertheless, Golden Retrievers don’t grow their coat until they are three months old. This is where the feathering starts.

Getting ready for feathering

Feathering is the phase on which the adult fur starts to grow. This is a known phase for Golden Retrievers.

In addition, feathering usually starts on the tail then on the limbs until the whole body starts to grow a thicker fur. It’s called feathering as the new fur appears flowy and one resembling soft feathers.

From there, a Goldie will establish its adult color, which could range from light mahogany to yellowish-white. The muzzle area will also develop a layer of fur.

Types of dog brushes

Since dog coats differ from each other, the brush you’ll use should be specific to what your dog really needs. The following are some of the common dog brush types and its purpose.

NOTE: Not every type suits Golden Retrievers!

-Pin Brush

Also called porcupine brush, pin brushes have metal pins with rounded tips. This is intended to reach through the undercoat of a dog and to untangle their flowy coats.

Usually, this type of brush is used to show dogs with very long coats like Sheepdogs. Since the pins have wider gaps, it will not damage the dog’s coat, plus it reduces the formation of static charge.

Moreover, pin brushes are ideal for canines with heavily matted coats. It’s effective in untangling long coats.

-Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes are used for dogs with short to medium-length coats. Also, the bristles are made tough to comb rough and coarse fur.

Moreover, this is ideal for stimulating the skin and removing dirt on a short-coated dog. Just remember that bristle brushes come in different bristle spacing to accommodate various coat types.

-Undercoat Rake

An undercoat rake is usually used to remove shed fur. It can penetrate a thick coat without hurting the dog’s skin. Still, it’s important to choose the pin length that matches your dog’s coat length. Too short and you won’t reach the undercoat, while very long pins will injure the canine’s skin.

Nevertheless, an undercoat rake isn’t for daily use. It should be alternated with other brush types depending on the dog’s coat.

-Rubber Brush

Rubber brushes are made of a plastic and rubber material with embossed pins. It’s usually used for stimulating the dog’s skin and in massaging their coat. This type of brush isn’t ideal for dematting or fixing tangles.

Moreover, this is somehow similar to grooming mitts and can be used to remove loose fur.

-Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is the best brush for Golden Retriever. It’s composed of a large flat surface with short wire bristles. Also, this is designed for doggos with thick, long, and flowy coats just like Goldies. It’s perfect in dematting, untangling, deshedding, and removing dead undercoats.

Also, slicker brushes have handles angled at 75 degrees for easier combing and in reaching sensitive areas of your dog’s face, legs, and paws. But just like any brush, you should always start gently to avoid hurting your dog’s skin.

Benefits of regular brushing

Regular brushing is essential for all dogs regardless of breed. It keeps their coats and skin healthy, plus it provides the following benefits:

-Prevents matting and removing tangles

Dogs like Golden Retrievers can quickly get their coats matted and tangled. If you don’t brush it regularly, the matting will worsen which may end up in shaving your dog’s coat. And as you know, close-shaving a double coated dog will compromise their well-being. Some canines don’t grow their coats back like normal.

-Spotting coat and skin problems

Grooming your dog and brushing its coat regularly allows you to spot skin problems right away. It’s easy to spot ticks and fleas if you’re combing your dog’s comb. Also, we know a dog owner who discovered deep scrapes on his dogs’ skin by simply brushing its coat.

This way, you can prevent a parasite infestation or other skin condition from worsening. Remember that some dogs are tolerant of pain and may not show signs of skin problems unless the condition has gone worse.

-Removing dirt

You’re not supposed to bathe your dog every day. With this, brushing becomes an effective method of removing superficial dirt that may get stuck on their coat.

As you know, Golden Retrievers are active doggos. They love running around and rolling on the ground. These activities will cause dust and muck to stick to their fur. If you don’t brush the pooch before entering your home, they will spread this filth all over the house.

Most importantly, brushing reduces odor buildup as you remove the dirt.

-Managing heavy shedding

Golden Retriever owners know full well that these pooches shed a lot. You’ll find furballs on furniture, tiny crevices, and almost everywhere. To manage the mess, you should brush your pooch regularly. This way, you can remove loose hair even before it falls off.

Remember that loose hair can mat if it’s not removed from your dog’s coat.

-Distribution of natural oils

In the process of brushing your dog’s fur, you are stimulating its skin to produce more natural oils. These oils will keep your pet’s coat naturally shiny and flowy.

Also, brushing stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which, again, does a big favor on your pet’s coat health.

-Bonding with your pooch!

If you want your Goldie to be close to you, brushing them regularly is a good way to do it. Getting them used to physical stimulation and handling will make your pet a well-rounded canine.

How often should you brush a Goldie?

If you can, we recommend that you brush your Golden Retriever at least once a day. A 2 to 5-minute daily brushing will keep the pooch’s coat healthy. It will also prevent matting, tangling, and shed fur from wreaking havoc in your household.

However, for those with busy schedules, at least once a week should do. Just make sure that you comb your pooch from head to tail.

Goldies shed almost the entire year, but there are two seasons on which the shedding will become heavy. At this point, pairing the slicker brush with a deshedding tool will help you manage the shedding phase.

What to look for the best brush for Golden Retriever

If you’re looking for the best brush for Golden Retriever, make sure that you consider the following points:

-Solid construction

Dog brushes should last for years. And since Goldies have thick coats and large bodies, you should look for one that has a solid construction. This way, it can endure regular use.

-Pin/bristle quality

We’ve encountered a lot of dog brushes with low-quality pins. It tends to fall off and becomes bent in just a few weeks. As much as these brushes are cheap, it’s not a wise investment for your dog. Some would even hurt your pet due to the exposed wire tips.

We always emphasize the value of investing in quality. You’ll be surprised by how much a few dollars can make a difference in the quality of the brush you’re going to purchase.

-Ergonomic handle

Slicker brushes have a large head, which calls for an ergonomic handle. This way, your hands won’t be strained right away. Goldies are large dogs, so you need a brush that’s comfy to use for long brushing sessions.

-Large size

 For Golden Retrievers, you need a brush with a larger size. This way, you can cover a large portion of their coat at once. It makes brushing faster, especially for doggos that hate the brush.


Some slicker brushes are double-sided, offering two functionalities in just one brush. It could be a slicker brush paired with a rubber or pin brush on the other side.

The only downside with combination brushes is the larger price. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent investment, especially for multi-dog households.

-Decent price

Of course, no one should splurge too much for a single brush. You should always consider the quality over the cost and try to achieve a balance between the two. If you want to skip the hassle, we reviewed five of the best brush options below that you can purchase at a very competitive price.

DOs and DON’TS

**DO invest in the right equipment

If you own a dog, you must invest in the right gears. This includes a high-quality brush, detangling sprays, and other supplies necessary in keeping their coat healthy.

**DO use detangling sprays

Some tangles are too stubborn that you can’t get take it off with brushing alone. A detangling spray will help loosen up the knots so you can brush it away.

**DO brush a Golden Retriever outside

It can get messy when brushing a Golden Retriever, so we recommend that you brush the pooch outside. This way, you won’t have to do an intense clean up indoors. But if it’s impossible to go outdoors, choose a spot you can easily clean and where the shed fur won’t spread. The bathroom is a great choice.

**DON’T punish a dog for hating the brush

No matter how friendly Golden Retrievers are, some of them will hate the brush. This is common among puppies that are still getting used to physical stimulation.

**DON’T rush the brushing

Brushing your dog could be a loathsome activity sometimes, but try not to rush it. Glide the brush as gently as possible and always watch out for changes on your dog’s fur.


OUR TOP PICK: Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
best brush for Golden Retriever

Product Name: Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best brush for Golden Retriever, we recommend the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. It has fine wire bristles that will penetrate deep in your Goldie’s undercoat without scratching or hurting the doggos’ skin. What we love the most about this brush is its self-cleaning technology. It has a one-click button at the top of the handle. By pressing this, the wire bristles will retract inside the brush which will automatically scrape the fur out.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Brush Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Safety


Also, this comes with a textured, rubber handle as well as a thumb rest for utmost comfort. It has a non-slip construction that will not strain your hand even if you’re brushing all your dogs.

Aside from grooming your dog, this Hertzko brush also gives a massaging effect that your dog will surely love, especially on their belly. It also promotes better circulation on your pet’s skin as well as the production of natural oils.

This Hertzko brush is vet-approved and it also works magically for cats and other furry pets.


✔️One-click self-cleaning technology

✔️Ergonomic handle

✔️The wires don’t bend easily


❌The clicking is loud which may scare a nervous Goldie


FURminator Firm Slicker Grooming Brush

best brush for Golden Retriever

If Hertzko isn’t what you’re looking for, you’ll probably love FURminator Firm Slicker Brush. It has dense wire bristles on each side with a dual-head design. Such construction allows the brush to follow the contour of your dog’s body for a more efficient combing.

Just take note that you should avoid using FURminator to your pooch if it has wounds or skin irritations. Since the bristles are long, the wound could be irritated, which will hurt your dog even more.

But for pets in good shape, the FURminator is a powerhouse detangler, deshedding, and dematting tool. Although its bristled head is large, it has an ergonomic handle that makes it comfy to use.

Take note that this brush has two sides: one has dense bristles while the other has a less dense construction.

Most of all, the FURminator is very affordable. If we’re only going to talk about the price, nothing can beat this best brush for Golden Retriever.

✔️Dual flex head
✔️Two-sided bristle head
✔️Ergonomic handle
❌A little challenging to clean, but it works fabulously

Glendan Slicker Pet Brush

best brush for Golden Retriever

Another brush that we love is the Glendan Slicker Pet Brush. This has a rotatable construction which allows the brush head to comb smoothly along your dog’s body. Also, this has bent wire bristles that act as a deshedder and a dematting tool.

This brush is also effective in massaging your pooch, plus it’s also comfy to grip. Moreover, we like that the tip of each bristle has a protective ball that prevents scratching. So even if your pooch has skin irritation, this brush shouldn’t hurt them even if used properly.

We’ve had some bad experiences with affordable brushes, but we’re happy to say that the Glendan Slicker Brush didn’t disappoint. Aside from Golden Retrievers, this brush works perfectly for Poms, Yorkies, Poodles, and Maltese doggos.

Also, we want to highlight how amazing this brush is as a detangler. Our doggo doesn’t run away or squeal due to a pulled snag. For such a small price, this is already a steal.

✔️Rotatable head construction
✔️Nylon bead tips
✔️Great detangler brush
❌The handle runs a little short for those with big hands

Pet Portal Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

If you have the extra budget, we highly recommend the Pet Portal Slicker Brush. It has a 5-inch head with angled wire bristles that work as a detangler, dematting tool, and a deshedder in one. Like Hertzko, this brush has a self-cleaning technology using a one-click button.

What we really dig about this brush is the lifetime money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product or if it got damaged, you’ll get your money in full. That’s a very low-risk purchase and you don’t even have to send the brush back.

This best brush for Golden Retriever also has a rubber handle that makes it easy to grip. And for Goldies, this brush is a great choice due to its large head and dense bristles.

However, you should be careful since the tips of bristles aren’t beaded. Also, it’s not a semi-soft bristle. It’s best to use this one on thick-coated dogs like Golden Retrievers.

✔️One-click self-cleaning button
✔️Dense wire bristles
✔️Lifetime money-back guarantee
❌For thick-coated dogs only

Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush

If you have a pup or a small double coated dog, the Li’l Pals Slicker Brush is the best brush for Golden Retriever. It has a small head with less dense pins. Nevertheless, the pins have beaded heads to prevent scratching on your dog’s skin.

Even if your pup grows, this brush will work just the same. It’s a little small, but will work as advertised in combing, detangling, and deshedding your doggo.

We love this brush, especially if you often travel with your doggo. You can easily slide it into your bag and have a handy brush to keep your pet’s coat in good condition.

One tip: if your dog’s fur tends to develop static, just spritz it with a little water before combing it with this slicker brush.

✔️Beaded bristle heads
✔️Flexible pins to prevent scraping the dog’s skin
✔️Works for cats perfectly
❌Perfect mostly for puppies

Additional Tips in Brushing a Goldie’s Coat

-Always be gentle

Just imagine that you’re combing your own hair. Do you pull snags? Do you scrape your scalp? No, right? The same goes for your pooch. Always be gentle and watch out for your pet’s reaction. If it whimpers or squeals, you’re probably getting ruff on the brushing.

Also, never force tangles. You’ll just end up hurting your dog. When you encounter a snag on the dog’s coat, use a detangling spray and try to work it out slowly. A slicker brush will help here.

-Brush on the direction where the coat grows

This one’s an essential tip: always follow the direction of your dog’s coat. This way, you can keep the fur flowy while preventing matting or tangling

-Avoid brushing the same spot more than three times

Run the brush all over your dog’s coat once or twice, but never more than three times. Canine skin is sensitive and excessive combing might do more harm than help.

-Wash the coat once a month

For Goldies that are always outdoors, monthly bathing is necessary to remove deep-seated dirt on their fur. As much as brushing alone can help, your dog will start to stink if you don’t bathe it.

Final words

Grooming your dog is a vital part of pet ownership. It’s your responsibility to keep the pooch’s coat safe and in good condition. For Golden Retrievers, this responsibility becomes more challenging with their thick and double coats. But with the use of the best brush for Golden Retriever, the job should be less daunting.

Just remember that regular brushing is essential, regardless if you’re bathing your dog or not. This way, you can keep a Goldie’s fur clean and tangle-free. Most of all, brushing allows you to check for any changes on your dog’s coat that could denote a health condition.

What do you think of our brushing tips? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!