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Best Brush for Short Hair Dogs – Top 3 Picks & Buying Guide

Many dog owners are guilty of skipping the brush just because their pets are short-haired. Although their coats aren’t as flowy as others, short-haired canines still need proper coat care to prevent matting. This is to keep their coats shiny and to spot the presence of parasites as early as possible. But for you to do this, you need the best brush for short hair dogs that match the fur of your pet.

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In this post, we searched for the best brush by sieving through dozens of options in the market. We know that frequent brushing is paramount to a dog’s coat health. Even if you’re not bathing the pooch, brushing will help keep their coats clean.

However, you shouldn’t purchase just about any dog brush. Since short-haired dogs have thinner coats, you need a brush that will not hurt their skin. Below, we discussed a comprehensive guide together with the best commercial options you should consider:

Benefits of brushing your short-haired dog

-Helps manage shedding

Many short-haired dogs still shed. Instead of waiting for the fur to drop on the floor and get caught on your furniture, it’s best to brush it off right away. This way, you can dispose of the shed fur and save yourself from endless vacuuming.

-Triggers production of natural oils

Another thing that brushing does to your dog is it triggers the production of natural oils in the skin. This will help boost the coat health of your dog while preventing any greasy buildup.

-Helps spot infestations early

By brushing, you can examine the coat of your short-haired dog. So if there’s a presence of ticks, fleas, and other blood-sucking parasites, you can act right away. Take note that parasites on a dog’s coat are often overlooked until the infestation has become advanced. Over time, it will cause baldness, wounds, and swelling of your dog’s skin.

Aside from that, brushing is a great way to spot abnormalities in your dog’s skin like bumps, bald spots, and so on.

-Prevents tangles and mats

Even short-haired dogs can have a bad case of a matted coat if you don’t brush it regularly. Take note that breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs are more susceptible to fur matting because of their skin folds.

-Serves as a bonding time

Daily brushing can also be a bonding time for you and your dog. It’s also a great way to get your pet used to physical touch. This way, the doggo won’t fight you back during groom time.

Types of dog brushes

Take note that there are many types of dog brushes and not all are suitable for short-haired canines. The following are the major types in the market, their purpose, and suitability to short-haired dogs:

-Slicker brushes

The slicker brush is composed of short and angled wires with fine density. It’s suitable for all dogs, regardless of coat length. This type of dog brush is very effective in removing tangles and mats.

However, you must choose the right brush size depending on the size of your dog. Aside from that, you must be gentle when using a slicker brush so you wouldn’t scrape your dog’s skin. Practice gentle pressure, so you’re only getting on the fur and the skin.

-Bristle brushes

Bristle brushes are great for short-haired dogs since it helps remove dirt while stimulating the skin. Always get a bristle brush with densely packed bristles.

Overall, this brush type can be used on short to medium-haired dogs. Some units may come with a pin brush on the side, which isn’t applicable to short-haired canines. Nevertheless, if you have a multi-dog household, it will not be put to waste.

-Pin brushes

A pin brush for dogs is very similar to the one that humans use. It’s composed of wire pins loosely arranged on an oval-shaped head. This type of brush is ideal for medium to long-haired dogs. Since it has larger pins and loose density, it won’t work efficiently on dogs with short hair.


Rakes, also known as deshedders, are useful for all breeds. It helps penetrate the coat of a dog to remove any loose fur or matted areas. This brush has pins or teeth placed tightly to each other, so it acts like a razor.

If you are to get this for your short-haired canines, make sure that the length of the pins matches your dogs’ fur. Usually, you’ll need a rake with shorter pins for short-haired canines as compared to the one you’ll buy for a long-haired doggo.

Considerations for the best brush for short hair dogs

Before you purchase the best brush for short hair dogs, you must look for the following features:


Bristle brushes are the usual options for short-hair dogs. On some occasions, you may need a slicker brush to manage the shedding. Take note that slicker brushes aren’t for daily use. It should only be used twice a week during the heavy shedding phase. Also, you shouldn’t use a slicker brush on your dog on two consecutive days.

So if you’re looking for an everyday brush, you’ll never go wrong with a bristle brush.

-Ergonomic handle

Regardless of the brush type, you should always look for an ergonomic handle. Never underestimate the strain your hand will experience when grooming a short-haired doggo. A grippy brush will keep the brush intact in your hand, even as you deal with intense mats and tangles.

-Proper size

Next, choose the right brush. A small brush for a small dog is ideal so that you can groom even the hard-to-reach areas. Sizing your dog’s brush properly will prevent skin irritations.

-Bristle density

Next, you should check the density of the brush. We always recommend a highly dense dog brush so it can dig into your pet’s coat. It will also prevent the bristles from bending easily.

-Price point

Last but not the least, check the price tag of the dog brush. Always look for the right balance of quality and value for the best brush for short hair dogs.

Tips in brushing your short-haired dog

-No one is exempted from brushing. Unless you have a hairless dog, you should give your pet a good brush each day.

-Do health checks as you brush. Always pay attention to your dog’s skin and fur color as you brush. Any massive changes should prompt a call to the vet.

-Don’t forget about skin folds. You should brush every inch of your dog’s coat, including the skin folds. Take note that skin folds are more prone to matting, tangles, and parasites, especially if not groomed well. 

-Don’t use too much force. Regardless if you’re removing tangles, never pull or use too much force. Just imagine someone pulling your hair. It will hurt.

-Consider moisturizing. After giving your dog a brush, you can consider applying a moisturizing oil or spray. You can spread it all over your dog’s body using the brush.

Best Brush for Short Hair Dogs – Top 3 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Hertzko Slicker Brush
best brush for short hair dogs

Product Name: Hertzko Slicker Brush

Product Description: If it’s the shedding season, the Hertzko Slicker Brush is the best brush for short hair dogs. This is applicable to all breeds as long as used properly. It comes with dense wire pins that will rake any loose hair. It can also penetrate deep into the double coats of canines. Another key feature of this slicker brush is its easy-clean button. At the back of the brush head, there’s a button. After brushing, all you have to do is press this button, and the pins will retract. This will remove the collected fur in an instant.

Price: $$$

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Value for Money
  • Skin-Friendliness


Moreover, it comes with a grippy handle with textured rubber. You can brush your dog with total ease. However, as a slicker brush, you should be careful with how forceful you groom your dog. Also, this slicker brush isn’t for daily use. Nevertheless, it’s a trusty brush during the shedding period.


✔️Easy-clean button

✔️Ergonomic rubber handle

✔️Dense and angled pins


❌Not for daily use (should be used twice a week only)


Hertzko Bristle Brush

best brush for short hair dogs

If you’re not looking for a slicker brush, you can consider the Hertzko Bristle brush instead. This comes with soft yet densely packed bristles that will remove dirt off your dog’s coat without hurting its skin. It’s also a great brush to remove loose hair from the topcoat.

Moreover, this brush has an oval head and Hertzko’s ergonomic handle. It has comfort grip and anti-slip technology that prevents hand strain no matter how long you groom your doggo.

This Hertzko bristle brush is suitable for dogs of all breeds. It’s also a great everyday brush for your short-haired canine.

One thing we love the most about this Hertzko brush is its 30-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with the brush, you can send it back for a refund within that timeframe, no questions asked.

✔️30-day money-back guarantee
✔️Densely packed bristles
✔️Ergonomic and grippy handle
❌Not for dogs with very thick coats

Bodhi Dog Pet Bath Brush

If your dog runs at the sight of a brush, you may have better chances with the Bodhi Dog Bath Brush. Although this is usually used while bathing your pooch, it also works as an everyday brush for short-haired canines.

The trick with this brush is you can wear it in your palms. This way, your dog feels like you’re petting it instead of simply brushing. The brush has raised nubs with four smaller nubs on each one. It’s useful in removing dirt in your dog’s coat while stimulating the production of the skin’s natural oils.

If your pooch has sensitive skin, this brush is the gentlest option you can get. After brushing, it’s also very easy to clean since you can wash the entire brush.

Most of all, Bodhi provides a 100% money-back guarantee for this grooming tool. If you’re not happy with the item, you can send it back, and you’ll get your money in full.

✔️Unique construction
✔️Additional massaging effect
✔️Works well in removing fur and dirt
❌For short-haired dogs only

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to brush a short-haired dog daily?

A: Yes! Regardless of your dog’s coat length, daily brushing is paramount. It will help remove dirt from your pet’s coat while preventing coat problems like tangles and matting. Take note that you should brush your dog’s fur even if you’re not bathing it for the day.

Q: Should I brush my dog wet or dry?

A: You should brush your dog when its coat is dry. Brushing it when wet will cause intense tangles, and it will also worsen matting. If you are to bathe your dog, you should brush before and after bathing. Also, you should use the best brush for short hair dogs.

Q: Will my dog feel better after brushing?

A: While some dogs loathe the process of brushing, many will feel more relaxed after. It’s due to the massaging effect of brushing. It will also help soothe a dog with anxiety as long as you do it right.

Q: How often should I brush my short-haired dog?

A: About 10 to 15 minutes a day will suffice, depending on the size of your dog. This will take longer if you have to deal with mats and tangles. Remember not to overdo the brushing to prevent hurting your dog’s skin.

Q: Should I bathe my dog first before brushing?

A: It’s not a requirement to bathe a dog before brushing. In fact, on the days when you can’t bathe your dog, brushing becomes a great alternative. It helps remove superficial dirt so it won’t accumulate on your pet’s coat.

Final words

Using the best brush for short hair dogs, you can keep your pooch well-groomed. It’s also your handy tool on days when you can’t bathe your doggo. A dog brush will also help combat parasites, skin problems, and coat issues. Just make sure that you do it every day.

What do you think of our brush suggestions above? Do you have something to add? Let us know below!