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3 Best Deshedding Tool for Short Hair Dogs + Buying Guide

Are you losing your mind over the shedding of your dog? If so, you must get the best deshedding tool for short hair dogs . It’s a helpful tool that will save you from the hassle of endless vacuuming and the mess of furballs. Just make sure that you purchase the right tool so you’ll get the best value for money.

Are you in a rush? Here are our top 3 picks for the best deshedding tool for short hair dogs?

FURminator Short Hair Undercoat
Deshedding Tool
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SleekEZ Original Deshedding Tool Check Price
Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush Check Price

Do short hair dogs shed?

Yes, even short hair dogs shed, but not as much as large dogs that can accumulate a pile of fur. Like large dogs, some small breeds can also double-coated. Breeds like Shiba Inu, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Chihuahua, and more have double coats and thus will shed too.

The reality is that small breeds with double coats shed as much as large breeds. But since their coats are shorter and thinner, the shedding isn’t as noticeable and as messy as long hair dogs. In fact, some short hair dogs tend to shed more than large breeds in terms of frequency. Still, they only shed a small amount of hair at a time.

Shedding is a normal process for most dogs unless you have a hairless or non-shedding breed. The good thing about short hair dogs is that they are easier to groom.

Types of deshedding tools

Before you look for the best deshedding tool for short hair dogs, you must know that there are different types available in the market.


Rakes are available in two types, the standard, and undercoat rakes. This can work as a grooming tool as well as a deshedding tool.

A standard rake looks like a miniature garden rake with wider gaps in between each tooth. This is ideal for long-haired doggos. So for short hair canines, you must use an undercoat rake instead. Unlike standard rakes, an undercoat rake has sharp and curved blades. This is designed to remove matt and in removing shed undercoat.

Overall, an undercoat rake is safe to use and can be utilized for mold matts.

-Slicker brush

Slicker brushes have a bigger and wider head dotted with fine, metal bristles. Take note that slicker brushes are made for moderate to long coats. So if you have a short hair doggo, this isn’t the one you should buy.

Using a slicker brush on short coat dogs will cause skin injuries since the bristles are quite long. Even for long hair canines, this has to be used with the right pressure.

-Pin brush

Pin brushes are one of the most common types of grooming tools for canines. It’s made of metal pins which are thicker than what you’ll see on slicker brushes. Also, pin brushes have plastic tips to protect the skin of your dog from too much scraping.

This is kind to the dog’s skin, but not much of a deshedding tool. It can be used as a general grooming brush from time to time.

-Bristle brush

Bristle brushes are made with plastic or nylon bristles. This type of dog brush is usually paired with a pin brush on the other side of its hand. And like the pin brush, this isn’t an ideal deshedding tool.

Nevertheless, bristle brushes are useful in boosting oil production in the skin of a short hair dog. It’s a handy all-around brush for canines.


Blade-on-a-handle deshedders are one of the newest products in the market. It has a blade with narrow teeth to target the undercoat. Some of the famous brands that make this type of tool are FurBuster and FURminator. It’s a great choice across coat lengths, though denser coats could be a little challenging to handle with this tool. 

What to look for a dog deshedding tool

The best deshedding tool for short hair dogs should give the best value for money. You should keep the following things in mind when scouting for the right unit.

-Ergonomic handle

Deshedding a dog takes about 10 to 20 minutes per session. With this, you need a tool with a comfy handle that will not strain your hand comfortably. We always look for textured handles as it prevents slipping, especially if your pooch is a little reluctant with grooming.

-Durable blades

Even if your dog has short coats, you should still look for a deshedding tool with durable blades. This way, the unit will last for years without pulling and damaging the dog’s skin.

-Easy-to-clean design

Shedding can be a messy process, so make sure that the deshedding tool you’re getting is easy to clean. This will save you from the hassle.

Tips in using the best deshedding tool for short hair dogs

Once you have the best deshedding tool for short hair dogs, you should know how to use it. The following are some of the tips we recommend when deshedding your dog’s coat.

*Help your dog relax first

Dogs can be pretty snarky during grooming. If your pooch isn’t used to physical stimulation, it will surely give you a hard time.

Before you start combing, help your dog relax on your lap first. You can give it a short playtime or walk around the neighborhood to drain the extra energy.

Treats are also an excellent means of getting your dog to settle down.

*Detangle your dog’s fur first

You should untangle your dog’s coat before gliding the deshedding tool. This is to prevent pulling and snagging that will hurt your pooch. You can use a detangling spray and a bristle brush before using the deshedding tool.

Also, you should brush your dog daily even if you’re not deshedding the coat. Take note that you’re only supposed to use the deshedding tool twice a week maximum. Anything beyond that will hurt your dog’s skin and make its fur brittle. Also, avoid deshedding your dog for two days in a row.

*Avoid brush burn

Brush burn happens when you over-brush your dog. The skin will become red due to the excessive friction of brushing. So regardless if you’re deshedding or just brushing your dog daily, avoid brushing longer than 10 minutes.

*Deshed after bathing

If you are to deshed your dog, it’s best to do so after bathing. This way, the fur of your dog is clean and untangled. It will also help your dog relax, especially during the summer season.

*Consider deshedding outdoors

We also recommend deshedding outdoors so you won’t make a mess inside the house. If not possible, we prefer deshedding dogs in the tub so the shed fur will be concentrated in a small area.

3 Best Deshedding Tool for Short Hair Dogs


OUR TOP PICK: FURminator Short Hair Undercoat Deshedding Tool
best deshedding tool for short hair dogs

Product Name: FURminator Short Hair Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Product Description: When it comes to the best deshedding tool for short hair dogs, nothing beats the FURminator Short Hair Undercoat Tool. It has a stainless steel edge that reaches from the topcoat through the undercoat. Another thing that we love the most about this deshedding tool is its FURejector that releases the hair easily.

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Deshedding Power
  • Value for Money
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use


For your dog’s safety, this tool has a skin guard that allows you to glide the edge on the dog’s coat without hurting the skin. Take note that this tool is perfect for 51 to 90-pound canines with short hair. This is designed for dogs with a coat that’s shorter than two inches.

This FURminator tool has an ergonomic handle that’s textured so it will be easy to use. It also has a hole at the end of the handle so you can hang it on a hook or lace.

Overall, this tool is a steal for a low price. It will last for years and can be used on multiple dogs.


✔️FURejector feature for easy cleaning

✔️Stainless steel edge to prevent rusting

✔️Ergonomic handle


❌Quite tricky to use


SleekEZ Original Deshedding Tool

best deshedding tool for short hair dogs

If you want another option, you can choose the SleekEZ Original Deshedding Tool. It has a patented design sporting a wave pattern blade that works well in removing dander, loose fur, and dirt. It also has a simple construction that will last for years.

The tiny teeth of this tool grab the tips of the loose hair to remove it from your dog’s coat. It eliminates the tugging and pulling that other deshedding tools often do.

Also, we like that the shed hair collects in rows on the teeth of the tool and falls naturally to the ground. There’s no need to pull the fur out of the teeth because it will fall off on its own.

Aside from being a nice deshedding tool for dogs, you can also use SleekEZ to remove fur on your couch, sheets, carpets, and saddle pads. It somehow mimics the function of lint rollers.

Aside from that, this has a solid handle made of poplar wood. The oval-shaped handle offers an optimal grip for ease of use.

✔️Patented blade wave pattern
✔️No tugging or pulling
✔️The hair falls off the blade naturally
❌The hair goes everywhere since it falls off naturally from the blade

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Our third recommendation is the Pet Neat Grooming Brush. It can remove up to 95% dead hair and fix tangles in just 10 minutes. The blade of this brush is 4 inches wide and effective in removing loose undercoat without hurting the dog’s skin.

Once you’re done deshedding your dog, you can remove the blade through the quick-release button at the head of the tool. The handle is easy to hold and has an eyelet at the end so you can hang it.

Another thing that we like about the Pet Neat Deshedding Brush is it comes with four ebook guides. This way, you can groom your dog properly and avoid common mistakes of other dog owners.

Overall, this is a handy tool that will help keep your dog’s coat shiny. The construction is also simple and no fuss.

✔️100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee
✔️Four free ebooks
✔️Removable blade for easy cleaning
❌Takes more glides to remove all the loose hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you brush a dog too much?

A: Yes, this is where brush burn happens. Intense brushing will cause redness and potential swelling of your dog’s skin. Once a day is ideal for brushing while 1 to 2 times per week when using a deshedding tool. Take note that you should never deshed your dog every single day. This will cause damages to your pet’s coat.

Q: Is deshedding good for dogs?

A: It’s actually beneficial for the dog and you as the owner. By deshedding, you can prevent the shed hair from getting into your floor and furniture. On the part of your dog, they will be cleaner and cooler, especially during the summer season.

Q: What months do dogs shed the most?

A: Usually, dogs shed more during spring and fall to prepare for summer and winter. However, the heaviness will vary depending on the breed of the canine. Many dogs have top and undercoats, which makes deshedding a little tricky.

Q: How can I minimize dog shedding?

A: Using a deshedding tool is very helpful when managing the shedding of your dog. Also, regular bathing and brushing will help so you won’t deal with furballs everywhere.

Q: Does my dog shed more when stressed?

A: Studies show that some dogs tend to shed more when they experience extreme stress. It’s part of their bodies’ defense mechanism. If you see your dog shaking, trembling, and has its tail tucked, your pooch may be stressed. Shedding may become more prominent at this point.

Final words

The best deshedding tool for short hair dogs will help in managing the coat of your pet. It will also save you from furballs all over your house. With the right deshedding comb, you can also keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Have you tried using a deshedding tool before? Let us know in the comment section!