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Best Dog Bowls for Flat Faced Dogs – Top 3 Editor’s Picks

Flat-faced or brachycephalic dogs have very short snouts. With this, they find it hard to eat on flat bowls, not to mention their messy gobbling habits. This body structure calls for the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs. Unlike typical dog bowls, those designed for flat-faced dogs are slanted for easier access to the food.

So to make it easier for your pooch, make sure that you give them any of these bowls:

Super Design Slanted
Dog Bowl
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Our Pets Stainless
Steel Tilt-a-Bowl
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Enhanced Pet Bowl
Stainless Steel Dog
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What are brachycephalic dogs?

The likes of Pugs, Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, French Bulldogs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers are some of the so-called brachycephalic canines. They are also referred to as ‘short-headed’ dogs due to their shorter snout as compared to other breeds like Golden Retrievers or Great Danes.

This makes their face appear flat-faced, which will make it difficult for them to eat on a traditional bowl. Aside from that, their flat-faced nature also poses various concerns about their health (see below).

Health concerns associated with the short snout

Unfortunately, some disadvantages come to that cute doggo face. A brachycephalic dog is also prone to the following conditions

-Brachycephalic airway syndrome

Due to their shorter snouts, flat-faced dogs are prone to airway blockage. In fact, most brachycephalic canines will develop this condition in a milder way. This is why most are loud snorers and loud breathers.

This isn’t usually a cause of concern, but if your dog is starting to experience choking and difficulty of breathing, you should have them checked right away

-Tracheal stenosis

Some flat-faced canines tend to have very narrow tracheas. This will make a dog pant incessantly as they try to catch their breath. Also, using anesthesia to canines with this condition can be deadly.

-Elongated soft palate

Most flat-faced dogs have a very soft palate between their nasal cavities and mouth. This makes them snore loudly as well as prone to overheating during hot days.

Why do they need a special bowl?

As we said earlier, brachycephalic dogs can easily get suffocated due to their short snouts and unique tracheal and palate construction. So if they are to eat in a traditional food bowl, they will have to squish their face through the food. The food bits could block their windpipe, which can cause a myriad of problems.

When this happens, your dog will have to gasp for air as it chews. That leads to the dog swallowing large amounts of air together with food. If you give them a large serving, be prepared for the onset of gastric torsion.

Gastric torsion…

Gastric torsion or gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) happens when a dog’s stomach becomes overstretched due to excessive gas content. This could be deadly within hours and some dogs have to be punctured in the stomach to deflate the air.

Most of all, letting your flat-faced dog eat in a traditional bowl is like starting a messy fest. So do yourself and your dog a favor and purchase the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs.

The problem with traditional dog bowls

Don’t get us wrong: traditional dog bowls are ideal, but only for dogs with long muzzles. To understand, here are the common problems that flat-faced canines experience when using traditional bowls:


Like what we said earlier, flat faced doggos will breathe using their mouths while eating. This is because they press their faces into the walls and surfaces of the traditional bowl.

Due to this gasping habit, they will swallow large amounts of air. This explains why brachycephalic dogs tend to be gassy. This isn’t just a smelly problem for pet owners. Your dog also experiences the discomfort.


If your pooch isn’t gaining weight and often not finishing up its meals, the traditional dog bowl may be the problem. Since the flat surface makes it difficult for them to get the food, the dog may end up being underfed.

Also, a bloated dog will have poor appetite since their discomfort worsens as they ingest more food and air. When this situation persists, your pooch won’t get the nutrition it needs, which will lead to malnourishment.


Some dogs that experience intense bloating may vomit. This happens when they eat their food too fast or when their stomach got upset. It will also result in underfeeding and further discomfort on your doggo. If not addressed early on, this will cause lethargy and weakness on your pet.

What’s special about flat-faced dog bowls?

Unlike traditional dog bowls, the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs has a tilted and slanted construction. Why is this necessary? Let’s dissect each angle here:

-Tilted shape

With the titled angle, your brachycephalic dog won’t have to smudge its face with food all the time. It allows them to use their underbite better. Also, in flat bowls, your dog can only eat on the center, making the remaining food challenging to get.

-Slanted rear

The slanted rear is necessary so the dog’s nose won’t press into the bowl’s side. As we said, this pressing can block the airflow of your dog, which forces it to breathe on its mouth while eating.

-Wider opening

Flat-faced dogs have short snouts but a larger head. This just makes sense why a larger opening is necessary.

Also, flat faced dog bowls with vet-approved ridges will encourage your dog to chew better. This reduces bloating and gassiness, not to mention the reduction in splattered food.

For senior dogs or those with orthopedic problems, the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs allow them to eat in a comfortable posture. Instead of stretching their tubby necks into the bowl, the added angle and elevation will allow the pooch to eat with the proper posture.

NOTE: Flat-faced bowls are for dry food only!

Based on our experience, food bowls for flat-faced dogs are only ideal for kibble. Why, you ask? Kibble is easy to chew. But when you give wet food, your dog’s tongue becomes a rogue wiper. The pooch will attack the bowl, which will make it move in such distances.

Anyway, if you really are a wet feeder, you can place the bowl against the bowl to stop the movement. However, there’s nothing we can do about the mess.

Flat-faced canines are messy eaters, much so for wet food. You can always place old newspapers under the food bowl to make cleanup a breeze.

Take note that most flat-faced dog bowls aren’t weighted, just like most traditional bowls. If you want something that will stay in place, look for one with a no-skid base or a heavier material like ceramic.

What to look for the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs

If you’re going to buy the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs, make sure that you check for the following:

-Good material

We always stand by stainless steel food bowls since it’s very easy to clean. Also, these bowls will last long, even for aggressive chewers.

Unlike plastic bowls, metal dog bowls don’t harbor smell. It’s also easy to wash out grime, oil, and other stubborn dirt that could be a pain to remove in other materials.

-Proper size

Dogs come in different sizes, so are food bowls. Make sure that you check the circumference of the bowl and compare it with your dog’s head size. We always recommend getting a larger size so it will be easier for your pooch to eat until the last bit of kibble.

Aside from the size, make sure that the bowl has a suitable height for the dog. Some food bowls come with a mount that elevates the bowl from the floor. This could be difficult to use in the case of small puppies.

-Easy to clean

Food bowls should be easy to clean so you wouldn’t have to spend time scrubbing off leftovers. Stainless steel is unbeatable since it has a smooth surface. Also, dish soap and water makes cleaning a breeze.

Some dog bowls are even dishwasher-safe, which lets you skip the manual task of washing the bowl.

-Convenient to use

When we talk about convenience, it should always be focused on how your dog finds the bowl. Did it reduce the mess? Did the bowl make it easier for them to finish their meals?

-Durable build

Dog food bowls should be long-lasting and durable, especially if you have a dog that loves to chew. Always check how the bowl holds up with rough dogs to make sure that you’re getting the most value from your purchase. Even if your pooch isn’t a chewer, a solid build will make the bowl last for years.

TOP 3 Best Dog Bowls for Flat Faced Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: Super Design Slanted Dog Bowl
best dog bowls for flat faced dogs

Product Name: Super Design Slanted Dog Bowl

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs, we recommend the Super Design Slanted Dog Bowl. This comes in a 15-degree angle with the pair of a standard stainless steel bowl and a no-skip stand. Also, this dog bowl has a non-slip base and a rubber seal around the bowl to keep it in place even if mealtimes become ruff. What we really like the most about this food bowl is that both the stand and the bowl are dishwasher-safe. So after every meal, you simply have to toss it to the washer for a quick cleanup.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Design


The stand elevates the bowl, which makes it easier for senior pooches and dogs that are losing their sight to finish their meals. It also reduces the mess which is perfect for doggos that send kibble splattering on the floor.

Most of all, we observed a reduction in bloating and gassiness of our doggos upon switching them to this bowl. It’s surprising what a slight tilt and elevation can do wonders on their well-being.


✔️No-skid construction


✔️Elevated construction


❌Ideal for small doggos only


Our Pets Stainless Steel Tilt-a-Bowl

best dog bowls for flat faced dogs

If you’re looking for a one-piece flat-faced bowl, the Our Pets Stainless Steel Tilt-a-Bowl is what we recommend. It has an angled rim that allows full access to the food. And since it has a wide opening, it suits almost all brachycephalic dogs.

Moreover, this is made of stainless steel with a non-skid rubber ring base to keep the bowl in place. It could also hold two cups of kibble, which is suitable for most small to mid-size doggos’ diet.

This is a no-fuss dog bowl that you can toss to the dishwasher after each use. The rubber ring base is attached permanently to the bowl so you don’t have to worry that it might come off.

Lastly, this is a very affordable bowl. If you have multiple canines at home, you can afford to buy each one a new bowl.

✔️Wide opening
✔️Permanent rubber ring base
✔️Very affordable price
❌Not elevated, which isn’t a big deal

Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Last but definitely not the least is the Enhanced Pet Bowl. The surface of this bowl has a ridge that reduces the mess, gassiness, and bloating of your dog. It also makes mealtime easier for flat-faced canines.

Aside from its elevated back, this dog bowl also comes with a rubber base that keeps it in place during mealtime. Overall, it suits medium to large dogs. And if you have a smaller canine, you can order a smaller one as this dog bowl comes in three different sizes.

This is also very easy to clean since it’s dishwasher-safe. If you prefer manual washing, you barely even need to do the scrubbing.

✔️Ridged surface for better eating
✔️Rubber base
❌There’s a sticker on the bowl that you’d need to scrub off

Final words

The best dog bowls for flat faced dogs can help your pooch eat better. Also, it will reduce the risk of bloating and other discomfort brought by too much swallowed air.

While traditional dog bowls may work to some extent, those designed for brachycephalic doggos are the ideal choice. What do you think of your suggestions here? Do you have something to add? Let us know below!