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3 Best Dog Clippers for Easy Home Grooming [Buyers’ Guide]

Just like us, our dogs need a good trim from time to time. This way, their coats will stay manageable, mat-free, and good-looking. As much as you can drive to the nearest grooming shop all the time, you can consider buying the best dog clippers to groom your dog at home. This is cost-saving, plus you’ll get to know more about your dog’s coat health.

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Why dog fur trimming is necessary

Trimming your dog’s fur is necessary for a lot of reasons. For non-shedding dogs, clipping the fur is necessary to remove the excess length that could mat and tangle over time. The following are some of the benefits of clipping your dog’s hair regularly:

**It keeps skin in good condition

A matted fur pulls the skin, which causes irritation and possible blisters. This will become inflamed and sore that could lead to further infections. With clipping, you’re not just removing the ugly layers of hair; you’re also preventing other skin and coat problems.

**Clipping reduces heat stress

Double-coated dogs are prone to heat stress, especially during the summer months. This happens when their unkempt fur prevents airflow from getting into the surface of the skin. It’s like wrapping your body in a blanket during a very hot day.

In addition, heat stress can cause overheating and other health problems along the way. As you see, clipping your dog’s fur affects their health more than you think of.

**It boosts blood flow in the skin

As the fur of your dog gets matted, it will pull the skin, which will constrict the blood vessels in the skin. This will lead to poor blood flow in the pulled area. And with the lack of blood, oxygen and nutrients won’t be delivered to the hair follicles. It will result in poor fur quality and appearance.

**Keeps bad odor away

Clumps of matted fur will harbor the nastiest smell. This is especially true if you haven’t bathed your dog for months. Also, this will say a lot about what kind of a pet owner you are.

**Helps manage pest infestation

At some point in your dog’s life, it will catch ticks and fleas. These critters suck blood from your dog and live within their fur. By clipping, you can spot the infestation right away. It will also help remove the insects off your pet’s coat.

What if my dog hates the fur clipper?

It’s quite normal for a dog to be scared of any grooming tool, especially if it’s the doggo’s first time to be groomed. Nevertheless, there’s always a workaround that you can try:

First, let the pooch sniff and lick the clipper without the blade. Once it’s used to its presence, try turning it on. Dogs usually flinch and bark at the sound, but you should let them know that it’s harmless. Do this repeatedly until your dog gets desensitized to it.

Also, clip your dog gently and avoid painful results. Take note that any negative experience with the clipper will make further grooming sessions difficult. Nevertheless, treats and rewards will always work its magic with a reluctant canine.

Basic Dog Grooming Tips

Once you have the best dog clippers, it’s now time to try your hand on grooming your pooch.

** Get your tools ready

Place the right blade on the clipper as well as the right comb. Next, start running the clipper into your dog’s fur as gently as possible. Avoid scraping your dog’s skin or applying too much pressure.

**Clip in the right direction

When combing or clipping your dog’s fur, it’s always crucial to follow the direction on which the fur grows. Going against it will hurt your dog and produce uneven results. Also, work in a small area of your dog’s fur and move on from there.

**Switch to cooler blades

After a few minutes, your clipper will start to get hot. It’s best to switch to a cool blade so your dog won’t have to suffer from burns. In addition, ceramic blades tend to absorb less heat, making it ideal for large dogs. Anyway, if you don’t want the hassle of taking blades on and off the clipper, you can spritz it with a clipper coolant instead.

**Start them young

As much as possible, get your dog used to grooming at the earliest possible age. This way, there would be little resistance when they are older. It will make grooming easier and you can learn how to do it while your dog is still small.

How to choose the best dog clippers

As much as you have to know how to groom your dog, it’s equally important to get the right tools for the job. The following are some of the things you have to look into when buying the best dog clippers:

-Motor power

A powerful motor can trim through thick and stiff coat smoothly. This way, you’re less likely to hurt your dog during grooming time. So how will you know if the clipper has the right motor power? You should check the SPM or strokes per minute. Some would express their motor power through RPM or revolutions per minute.

An SPM of around 7,000 is already powerful since average models will only have roughly 3,000 SPM on its motor.

However, the higher the SPM, the louder the clipper gets. This could be a problem for neurotic dogs or those that are afraid of any strange sounds. Also, very high speeds will cause the clipper to get hot faster if used in a full setting.

The key here is to get the right balance of noise level and motor power. Besides, your dog will get used to the sound later on with the proper introduction of the clipper. Still, powerful clippers aren’t always the best buys. If you’re just thinking of casual trimming, a low-powered unit will do.

-Variable speed

Variable speed pertains to the adjustability of the trimming power of the clipper. This is important so the clipper can be used in different types of coats. Also, it’s advisable for home grooming as it allows you to go slow and with precision.

Most importantly, variable speeds allow you to use the clipper to more than one dog.

-Noise level

It’s quite understandable that even the best dog clippers will emit a loud sound. This is due to the powerful motor. Still, try to look for one with a lower hum. An ideal clipper will produce a sound at around 50dB. This is considerably low and tolerable among most dogs.

So if your dog is notoriously scared of loud sounds, you can let a few thousand SPM slide off the motor power. This way, you can achieve a lower sound without losing too much on the power aspect.

-Corded or cordless?

This one is a common dilemma among dog owners. Nevertheless, both are ideal under specific conditions. Here’s how:


Corded dog clippers offer a longer run time as well as power. Since you’ll be plugging directly into a power source, you don’t have to worry about recharging the unit or running out of juice. However, corded clippers are challenging to use, especially to skittish dogs that will give you a hard time during grooming. Also, you’d be stuck to do grooming on a spot where an electrical socket is available. This might mean additional cleanup on your end.


Meanwhile, cordless clippers offer convenience for pet owners. It doesn’t have cords that will get tangled or pulled by your dog. Also, it’s usually slower, which allows for more relaxed grooming.

However, cordless types tend to offer shorter run time after each charge. Also, you have to recharge it after a few minutes, which could be a hassle if you’re grooming multiple or large dogs.

Nevertheless, there’s no wrong or right choice between cordless and corded clippers. It depends on your preference and situation.

-Clipper blade types

Clipper blades are the essential component of the best dog clippers. Without it, your clipper will be useless.

So for the blade, you can choose between a metal type and a ceramic type. Nowadays, manufacturers are coming up with various blade technologies to reduce heat absorption and to retain the edge even after extended use. Also, high-quality clippers usually have its proprietary blades designed to work ideally on a specific unit.

So which blade material should you choose? Steel blades are the most common, so it’s also the cheapest option between the two. It’s easy to sharpen, but it also tends to conduct more heat. As you know, as the blades become hotter, it also becomes uncomfortable for your dog.

On the other hand, you can consider ceramic blades. This new technology, which is an alternative to metal blades, tends to absorb less heat. However, ceramic blades come with a hefty price tag, and it’s not for everyone.

-Set of combs

Clipper combs are the parts that determine the length of hair you’re going to trim. It comes in various sizes and most clipper sets will include a few pieces. Usually, a clipper package comes with comb sizes 5 to 10, but you’ll not use all of it in the long run. Still, it doesn’t hurt to keep it handy for future use.

Take note that each clipper will have varying comb widths depending on the size of its head. If you are to buy it separately, make sure that it fits well.

-Durable built

Dog clippers cost anywhere 20 to 50 bucks depending on the brand, set inclusion, and features. Although you may find cheap deals, you should always ensure that its build will last for years.

Usually, dog clippers come with a plastic chassis to repel heat and for easy gripping. However, make sure that it doesn’t chip off easily. Consider those with contoured rubber handles as it adds an insulation effect to the clipper, especially for corded ones that can be used for long grooming sessions.

-Maintenance needs

Cleaning the clipper shouldn’t be a pain to do. As the hair accumulates, it will block the clipper blade from functioning properly.

Also, some units require oiling and greasing, which could be a hassle for long grooming. The best dog clippers are those that don’t require intensive maintenance. Always look for these products to save yourself from the hassle.

-Safety features

Safety should always be a priority when grooming your dog. This is why you should always invest in high-quality blades and durable combs to ensure that your dog’s skin will not get hurt in the process. Also, avoid buying bargain clippers with dubious features. In the end, you may waste your money and send your dog to the vet due to injuries.

-Reasonable price

You should never put too much money on a dog clipper. Still, you should never skimp too much either. Try to find a decent product that will last longer and give the value of your money. Below, we personally reviewed three of the best dog clippers you can purchase at a very reasonable price.

3 Best Dog Clippers – Best Picks from the Pros!

OUR TOP PICK: Wahl Professional Deluxe Pet U-Clip Set
best dog clippers

Product Name: Wahl Professional Deluxe Pet U-Clip Set

Product Description: Of all the dog clippers we’ve tested for this review, the Wahl Professional Deluxe Pet U-Clip Set emerged as our favorite. It’s the perfect toolkit for clipping, grooming, and trimming your dog’s coat at home. Aside from canines, you can also use this on cats and other furry pets. This set is composed of a 7,200-SPM Wahl clipper together with the standard and adjustable #30-15-10 blade. Aside from that, you’ll also get 7 plastic combs (sizes 1 to 7), a pair of trimming scissors, apron, finishing comb, blade guard, cleaning brush, and blade oil.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Motor Power
  • Blade Quality
  • Build
  • Accessories


Also, this set comes with an instructional DVD to guide you through the clipper usage and styling. Overall, this is a 16-piece kit that’s a powerhouse tool for home dog grooming.

Take note that this is a corded clipper, which weighs an average of one pound. And if you wish to use a different blade size, you can purchase it from Wahl as well to ensure the proper fit.  Nevertheless, for its price, this is already a steal.


✔️Powerful motor

✔️30-day satisfaction guarantee + 2 years limited warranty

✔️Perfect for long grooming sessions


❌Doesn’t have variable speed (but not a biggie)


oneisall Cordless Dog Shaver Clipper Kit

best dog clippers

If you’re looking for a cordless clipper with a low sound, oneisall’s dog shaver clipper kit might be the one for your pooch. This clipper has a built-in Li-ion battery with a fixed stainless steel blade as well as a ceramic moving blade. This pair offers better cutting performance and precision.

What we really love the most about this clipper is its low vibration and low sound. When in use, it produces around 50dB of sound, which is already reasonable.

Aside from trusty clipper, you’ll also get four guard combs (3, 6, 9, and 12 mm respectively), a pair of stainless steel shears, metal comb, and a charger. The set also includes a small oil bottle to keep the blades well lubricated.

Anyway, just like Wahl, this oneisall clipper doesn’t have a variable speed. Nevertheless, one charge can run for 80 minutes, which is more than what other clippers can offer. Just make sure that you trim your dog’s hair first if it’s too thick to prevent the clipper from jamming.

Overall, this clipper works well and it can also handle matted hair. It’s already a great clipper considering its very affordable price.

✔️Equipped with stainless steel and ceramic blades
✔️Low noise and vibration level
✔️Each charge runs for 80 minutes
❌The instructional manual is written in poor English (not a biggie, you can always look up a video online)

Sminiker Cordless Low-Noise Dog Clipper Kit

Our third recommendation for this roundup is the Sminiker Professional Dog Clipper Set. This cordless clipper is powered with a titanium blade as well as a ceramic blade for precise and long-lasting performance. The best part here is that the blades will never get rusty. Also, the clipper is powered by a 2,000 MA Lithium battery.

Aside from the cordless clipper, the set also includes 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm comb guides. Aside from that, you’ll also get a pair of shears, nail clipper, dog nail file, cleaning brush, small oil bottle, cleaning brush, and charger.

Its precision motor produces a low hum at around 50dB, which is ideal for scared dogs. This works on long-haired dogs and cats. Also, we’re kind of surprised that the seller said that each charge would last for 6 hours. For a charging time of 4 hours, this is the best buy.

For a very small price and lavish inclusions, there’s no reason not to consider Sminiker’s clipper set.

✔️More included tools on the set
✔️Combo of titanium and ceramic blades
✔️Every charge lasts for 6 hours
❌The scissors aren’t sharp enough

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use human hair clippers on a dog?

A: Dog clippers are made specifically for dog fur. Using human clippers on a canine can potentially injure the dog and do more harm than help.

Q: Can I groom my own dog?

A: Yes! Grooming your own dog is actually a good practice as it allows you to know more about your pet’s anatomy. It also allows you to spot pest infestations early and have it treated right away. Most of all, home grooming lets your dog get used to being handled, which will make professional grooming much easier.

Q: How do you groom a scared dog?

A: Many dogs are scared of clippers and grooming. The key here is to get them familiar and desensitized with the tool before you use it on them. For clippers, lay it on the floor and allow your dog to sniff and lick it. Afterward, turn it on and let your dog get used to the sound.

Q: Are ceramic clipper blades better?

A: Ceramic clipper blades are rust-proof and it doesn’t get hot faster than metal. However, ceramic breaks easily than metal and the replacement are quite expensive. Nevertheless, many groomers are embracing ceramic blades as it provides a smoother glide.

Q: How often should I trim my dog’s hair?

A: It depends on the length of your dog’s fur and its breed. But generally, clipping should be done once a month to prevent matting and tangling, especially for non-shedding breeds.

Final words

The best dog clippers are great tools you can use at home to groom your dog. It saves you from hundreds of dollars of additional expenses when visiting professional groomers. Just make sure that you got the right tool and that you practised before trying it on your dog.

What do you think of our clipper options here? Have you tried any of it? Share your experience with us in the comment section!