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3 Best Dog Nail Grinder Options for Every Canine

Many dogs loathe grooming time, much so nail clipping. Since time immemorial, canines have a love-hate relationship with nail clippers. If your pooch is one of these scared Fidos, you can use the best dog nail grinder instead. Also known as Dremels, nail grinders are available in a variety of grit types, sizes, and applications. You have to ensure that it suits your dog’s needs. Below, we reviewed three of the best options, together with a comprehensive guide.

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Grinding vs. clipping

Clipping is the conventional way of cutting your dog’s nails. It offers instant results and a no-fuss process. However, many dog owner has accidentally cut their dog’s quick, the core of the nail bed, which can cause intense bleeding.

Also, dogs tend to hate the feeling of nail clipping. Some pet owners are guilty of gripping their dog’s paws too much, which makes it painful for the pooch. With this, the dog associates nail clipping with a bad experience. So next time that you show them the clipper, they will run away instead of being curious.

Is nail grinding safe for dogs?

Just like nail clipping, nail grinding is safe if you do it right. You have to pay attention to how you use it to prevent any accidents. Below, we discussed a short guide on how you should operate this device.

Also, if your dog has black or brown nails, grinding is much better. With this nail color, the quick is quite difficult to spot. Using the best dog nail grinder, you can go slowly through the extra length of the nail, while preventing any injuries.

How often should I grind my dog’s nails?

Once a month is a rule of thumb, but some breeds have slow-growing nails and can be groomed every two months. Still, dogs vary and so are their physical attributes. If you notice that your dog’s claws are b

Benefits of using the best dog nail grinder

Unlike clipping, nail grinder offers a safer option for you and your pet. Here are some of the benefits of using a nail grinder:

*Smoother edges

Nail clippers often leave rough and sharp edges that can be damaging to wooden floors ad scratchy to the skin. With a grinder, you can control the finish of your dog’s claws by smoothing out sharp edges. The tip here is to rub the tip of each nail after a few minutes of grinding to see if it’s smooth or not.

*Best for owners with shaky hands

If you have a bad case of the shakes, give your dog a big favor and get a nail grinder instead. This way, you can go slowly by reducing the length of the nail without snapping the length instantly. The best thing about nail grinders for dogs is it doesn’t require the same level of precision as clippers.

*Ideal for frightened dogs

If your pooch has a bad experience with nail clippers, you can switch to nail grinders. Still, there’s no 100% guarantee that the doggo will not be afraid of the buzzing sound.

How to use a dog nail grinder

Are you new to nail grinders for dogs? If so, let this part be your guide:

Step 1. Help your dog relax.

Dogs become jumpy when it comes to grooming. You can help the pooch relax by getting them familiar with the device. Place it near them without turning it on and let the dog lick and sniff the grinder. After a few minutes, turn it on (keep it away from them) and let them get used to the sound. Once your dog is at peace being around the grinder, it’s time to do the grooming.

Step 2. Hold your dog’s paws properly.

We recommend holding your dog’s paw higher than its head. This way, they won’t get into the grit if ever they happen to jerk or fight off your hand. Still, don’t squeeze too much as this will hurt your dog and make the first nail grinding experience awful.

Step 3. Start grinding.

Start slowly and make sure that you set the speed properly. There’s no need to press the grit into the nails too much. As long as it touches the tip, it should be enough.

Step 4. Avoid too much heat

Nail grinding can produce heat if you press the rotating grit on the nail for too long. The rule of thumb here is to lift the grinder every 3 to 5 seconds. This is to prevent the nails from getting too hot.

Step 5. Touch the nails

Whenever you’re going to lift the grit, make sure that you touch the tip of the nail. Look for sharp and rough edges that you need to smooth out.

 Buying guide for the best dog nail grinder

Are you looking for the best dog nail grinder? Before we dive into the commercial options, here are several things you should look into:

-Grit type and quality

Dog nail grinders come in either sand or diamond grits. Sand grits are cheap and easy to find. It can last long but may need replacements after some time. On the other hand, diamond grits offer lifetime durability and less likely to require a replacement. However, it’s also more expensive. If you have the budget, you can also look for combo grits that sport both diamond and sand grits.

-Design and construction

Nail grinders will take the beating of regular use. It should be durable enough to survive falls, chewing, and the usual wear and tear. Durability is a big deal if you’re planning to use the nail grinder to multiple dogs.


This is very important, especially if you have a large pooch with equally large nails. The grinder should be easy to grip, preferably one with a textured handle or rubber layer. A layer of insulation is also great as it will shield your palms from the heat of the motor.

-Noise level

The noise level of the nail grinder is often a make or break part of choosing which one a pet owner will buy. If your pooch gets started easily, make sure that you opt for a quiet grinder.

However, you may need to sacrifice a portion of the motor’s power so it will be quieter. If you have a small to the medium pooch, the difference will not be noticeable since their nails are smaller and softer.

The rule of thumb is that if the nail grinder sounds like a machine close to exploding, you might as well look for another option.

-Safety features

We recommend a nail grinder with a protective cover for the grit. So even if your dog gets startled while you’re grinding, they will not be injured. Also, we suggest that you look for a unit with variable speed so you can adjust it based on your dog’s nail size.

Nails of small dogs must be groomed at slow speed while thicker nails of large dogs will need more RPMs.


If you have a large canine, it’s ideal to look or a nail grinder with a higher power so it will have faster speeds. Aside from motor power, you should also check how much charge the unit’s battery can hold. This way, you can finish grooming your dog’s nails before it even runs out of power.

Top 3 Picks for the Best Dog Nail Grinder


OUR TOP PICK: Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder
best dog nail grinder

Product Name: Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Product Description: We highly recommend the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder. This is equipped with a diamond bit grit that can grind just about any pet nail. It will also last long without the need for grit replacements. The best thing about this nail grinder is it has a protective cover on the grit area. The cover is then carved to have three different openings with varying sizes. This way, you can grind your dog’s nails, even if it’s a small, medium, or large breed.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Noise Level
  • Grit Quality
  • Value for Money


We also like that the motor is quiet and has minimal vibration. And if this runs out of juice, you have to plug this to your laptop or wall socket using the USB charging adapter. Anyway, it’s easy to monitor the charge of this nail grinder as it comes with a light indicator. It’s also very easy to clean since you can remove the cover and the grit itself.


✔️Diamond bit grinder

✔️Covered bit for added safety

✔️Fit for all dog sizes


❌Doesn’t come with a user manual


Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Tool

best dog nail grinder

If you’re up for the pioneer, we surely suggest that you try the Dremel 7300-PT Nail Grooming Tool. This comes with a 60-grit sand grit with four replacements in the package. This is powered with a nickel-cadmium battery together with a charger. You’ll also receive a bit wrench so you can easily switch grits.

We also like that this nail grinder comes with variable speeds of 6,500 and 13,000 RPM. This way, you can use it on both small and large canines.

Although it doesn’t come with a grit cover, it’s still a durable tool that will last for years. Aside from that, this tool is very affordable and very easy on the hands, even during extended use. Just make sure that you charge it fully so it won’t run out of power halfway through grooming.

✔️Grit replacements added
✔️Variable speed
✔️Pioneer nail grinder
❌Doesn’t come with a grit cover

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

If you’re looking for a budget option, you’ll never be disappointed with the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder. It’s equipped with a diamond bit that will last long, even with regular use. Aside from that, this nail grinder has two-speed settings as well as three grinding ports to suit different dog sizes.

Like Hertzko, this is a low-noise device that also produces little vibration. After each three-hour charge, this grinder can last for two hours. This is a lightweight device that’s easy to use and ergonomically made.

Aside from the nail grinder, this also comes with a USB adapter. And even if this is affordable, it will last longer and endure regular use. This is also slim and can fit on your hand-carry.

The bonus part here is that the Casfuy Nail Grinder is available in either blue dark or white color.

✔️Diamond bit
✔️Variable speed
❌Takes a little time more time groom a dog’s nails

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will happen if I don’t cut my dog’s nails?

A: If you let your pooch’s nails grow too long, it will start to scrape the floor and hurt people. It will also be damaging to their paws as their claws will dig through their skin.

Q: Can a dog die from cutting the quick?

A: When you hit your dog’s quick badly, it will bleed too much. The only chance of your dog dying from a cut on the quick is if it bleeds to death. So if you accidentally hit the quick, make sure that you apply first aid to stop the bleeding.

Q: Can you file a dog’s nails instead of clipping?

A: This is precisely what nail grinding does. Instead of cutting and applying intense pressure to your doggo’s paws, grinding will slowly thin the nails. This will cause less pain and less irritation to your pooch.

Q: How long should dog nails be?

A: Each dog breed varies, so are the advisable length of their nails. If your pooch’s nails are starting to tap on the wooden floor, it’s time to give it a quick trim or grind.


The best dog nail grinder will help you in grooming your pet’s claws. Make sure that you look for one that suits your pooch’s needs and your budget. Most of all, go for the quietest and most reliable unit available. What do you think of the Hertzko dog nail grinder? How about Dremel or Casfuy? Let us know below!