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Why Do You Want to Adopt a Dog? 8 Reasons to Get a Rescue Canine

Dogs are adorable pets. But instead of shopping, you can adopt one from a shelter or rescue center. So why do you want to adopt a dog? There are many reasons why adopting and not shopping a dog is a much better choice. In kill shelters, adopting means you’re saving a life of a canine. In general, adopting a dog means you’re giving a pooch a second chance and a forever home.

Although not all are amenable to adopting, there’s more joy to getting a rescue canine. The first months after the adoption can be a rough period of adjustment. But once you won your dog over, you and the pooch will have an unbreakable bond. 

1.     You’ll get to save a life

About a million dogs get euthanized each year in the United States. These dogs could have been adopted and saved from apparent death.

The biggest benefit of adopting a shelter dog is you get to save a life. Kill shelters put dogs to sleep if they don’t get adopted after a certain period. But if you adopt one, you’re freeing up space to save one.

Instead of letting shelter dogs die abandoned and alone, you can bring it home on its forever home. You’ll actually be surprised at how much you can give when you bring home a shelter canine.

2.     Adopting costs less

Unlike buying a dog, adopting shelter dogs cost less. The good thing here is that most shelter animals receive proper care, including microchip, vaccinations, and continuous vet checks. Upon adoption, the shelter can provide you with a vet clearance to guarantee good health or to declare a specific health condition.

Some shelters will only charge you for the small processing fee. Adoption fees can be as low as $50 or up to $400, depending on the shelter where you’re adopting. Nevertheless, this is still a low price, considering that you’re getting a well-kept dog. 

3.     You get to stop cruelty (at least for one dog)

Here’s the reality of kill shelters: that dogs that failed to get adopted will be put to sleep. If you’re planning to get a pet dog, you can save one helpless canine from the death row.

Also, by promoting adoption, you’ll get to encourage puppy mills. These dog breeders have poor breeding practices, including cruelty to animals. If you adopt instead of shop, you can make a dent on the economy of these unscrupulous breeders.

Puppy mills often force adult dogs to produce multiple litters a year. But when you adopt, you show your support against this practice.

4.     The dog is likely trained

The good thing about many shelter dogs is that many of them are already trained. Take note that not all shelter dogs came from negligent owners. Some are forced to be surrendered due to BSL or socioeconomic reasons.

You can skip the housebreaking process as well as rigorous obedience training. Aside from that, shelter dogs can also be socially trained. It’s always great to have a dog that’s calm around people and crowded situations.

Most shelters have a record of the dog’s history. You can ask them for dogs that are already trained. This way, you can limit your options.

5.     You help free up shelter space

Millions of animals are surrendered or put to shelters each year. This includes dogs, cats, and other pets that have been surrendered, abandoned, or confiscated. By adopting, you’re freeing one slot for another pup.

Adoption also does shelter employees a big favor. Each dog brought to a forever home is a moment of success for shelter staff.

6.     There’s a large selection

Unlike the common belief, there is a wide option of shelter dogs. You can even find a purebred dog here. You can look for a certain breed or characteristic of a dog that you want to adopt.

If you’re looking for the best mutts, dog shelters will not disappoint. On a specific day, you can check a hundred dogs at the same time.

To make your search easier, you can give the shelter staff descriptions of what you’re looking for a dog, including age, temperament, behavior, and so on.

7.     You can chance upon a pup

Shelters not only take care of adult dogs but also of pups. It’s possible that a pregnant bitch has been surrendered and has given birth inside the shelter. These pups will also be up for adoption.

You can ask the shelter about newborn pups. They can also contact you should a pup arrived in their care.

However, you have to remember that you may not always find the exact breed you’re looking for. Nevertheless, if your purpose is saving a doggo, the breed would only be the second most important thing.

8.     You’ll be adopted, too

Many pet owners have this saying that when you adopt a dog, you’re the one being adopted. This is quite true. For those who are alone and feeling down, a dog can add color to your life. Many studies have proven that pets make us happier, not to mention that they also have direct benefits to our health.

A study from Harvard showed that dog ownership is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, it’s found that dogs have a calming effect that helps reduce blood pressure.

Moreover, dogs were found to be beneficial among kids. Infants exposed to pets were seen to have a lower risk of developing asthma and other respiratory problems. However, you have to get a dog that can thrive in the presence of young children.


So why do you want to adopt a dog? Adoption is a noble cause for every pet owner. Instead of shopping dogs from commercial breeders, you can save a canine from apparent death. Also, it will end the loneliness of a pooch that has been in shelter care for years. Whatever breed you choose, bringing home a shelter dog gives more meaning to being a pet owner.

In this video, Petco breaks down the numbers and shows us why adoption is the right thing to do: